ScalpTool Platfrom

ScalpTool Platfrom

ScalpTool - FREE

ScalpTool is a trading system specifically designed for traders and scalpers who demand performance and agility in the market.

Everything you need for trading in one window.
Thanks to its extremely compact DOM, you can insert, modify or delete orders in one window, see you profit and loss in real time, read the tape and lot more things. All the information to follow the market is under control.

Manage your orders in the way you prefer.
ScalpTool lets you manage your orders in different ways. Once selected the default quantity of your new order, you can simply click on the DOM: you can place a limit order on the book or fill a trade directly. Then, you can move your orders with drag & drop or use our special Fast Order feature. And, if you need, delete all your orders in just one click.

Time & Sales MF (Mani Forti - Strong Hands) is a special indicator by euSpeed which helps you read the tape. Set up the filter values, these will be applied to the Time & Sales revealing the movements of the big investors.

When the technical analysis can’t help, one of the best ways to trade follows the big investors. David can still beat Goliath.



07 August 2018


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