CT4 T4 Desktop

CT4 T4 Desktop


CTS provides real-time quotes, one-click trading, multiple order types, a built-in charting package, real-time news, and economic indicator feeds professional options and much more. T4 fulfills the needs of the scalper, position trader, and executing broker.
  • Charge Per Contract, Lot or Side - $0.25
  • Transaction Cap - $500.00

CTS T4 Core - $25.00 / month

  • Charge Per Contract, Lot or Side - $0.25
  • Transaction Cap - $500.00 (first 50 contracts free)

CTS T4 Advanced - $200.00 / month

  • Charge Per Contract, Lot or Side - $0.25
  • Transaction Cap - $500.00 (first 400 contracts free)

Add-on Functionality

T4 Options Pro

A complete options system for generating theoretical values, pinpointing and comparing trading opportunities, creating custom spreads, and multi-scenario position analysis. $500/mo additional fee for T4 Options Pro.

T4 TradeSniper®

A client-side application that allows for creating, charting and trading custom spreads. Pick the legs and ratios to trade and TradeSniper® will provide real-time depth of market quotes for the custom spread. $50/mo additional fee for quotes and charts, $100/mo for quotes, charts, and trading.

Market Profile

An intra-day charting technique used to evaluate market value as it develops during the trading session. CME Documentation $10/mo additional fee for Market Profile.

Time Entry

Pete Steidlmayer's Time Entry functionality allows easy submission of orders to be entered into the market automatically at a future time. $12.50/mo additional fee for Time Entry.

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17 January 2019


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