PTMC - ProTrader
Multi-Asset Coverage

PTMC trading platform is adopted for usage on most modern markets thanks to the wide range of analytics, trading tools and functions.

What is the best platform for trading?
Panel Linking

Panel Linking

Panel Linking is a feature that allows you to browse various information by a certain instrument in different panels at once having linked them together!
Advanced Charts

Advanced Charts

PTMC offers a large number of standard and advanced chart types, which allow analyzing markets from different sides: Renko, Kagi, Price range etc.
Advanced Scalper

Advanced Scalper

Catch momentum price changes with ease using Scalper functionality. Keep eye on market leaders' charts, monitor trades and liquidity in one window.

Multiple Workspaces

Multiple Workspaces

PTMC allows creating as many workspaces as you want. Manage and switch over them with one click.
Chart Trading

Chart Trading

Send orders by one click. Just put a mouse on price level you need and click to send limit or stop order. To catch market price use trade buttons that allow sending orders instantly.

Options Master

Options Master

It’s a powerful options analytics and trading module which combines the detailed quote windows as well the ability to perform what-if analysis and evaluation.

Trading Platform Features

PTMC is a fast and powerful standalone trading platform developed by PFSOFT, a global provider of trading technology for banks, prime and retail brokers as well as individual traders. Thanks to wide customization, modularity, and progressive solutions, our trading software can meet the specific needs of even the most demanding traders.

PTMC has combined the best charting and analytical functionality in one application which gives professional traders more ways to reach the right trading decisions on different markets: Forex/CFDs, Stocks, Derivatives (Futures/Options), ETFs and ETNs.

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Harmonic Paterns
With our professional drawing tool - Butterfly Gartley - user can easily find different harmonic patterns which will allow determining potential reversal points of local price movements.
  • Finds different harmonic patterns
  • Displays the ratios of pattern
  • Allows setting up color schemes for patterns
Advanced Drawing Tools
Order Flow Surface
Profile Chart
Cluster Charts
Bar Statistics
Volume Profile
Time and Sales
Options Trading
Visual Studio + C#

PTMC Functionality

Estimate the cutting-edge features that stand out PTMC platform against competitors on the financial markets.

PTMC for Algo Traders

Using our extension for Visual Studio you get the opportunity to work in one of the most popular development environment.

  • Visualization of trading strategies testing and optimization.
  • Manual testing mode
  • Different types of data aggregation: time, ticks, range, Renko, Kagi
  • Editor with syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and Intellisense
  • Three-dimensional surface optimization Debug code right from the editor.

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Using our API which based on C# language you get access to almost any part of the functionality of our platform:
  • Positions, orders, and executions
  • Trading accounts and balances
  • Real-time & historical data
  • User interface & Controls
  • GDI drawings on charts and indicators Free code base for everyone

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Trading via Market Depth

View market transparency and the exchange’s order book of resting bid and ask orders with their sizes. Using this trading tool, you can easily change trading symbols, choose order durations, change the order size, select and place order types, including Smart Orders. Through the Mouse trading mode, you can place or cancel orders in one click.
  • Place, modify and cancel orders directly on the price ladder.
  • Basic and Smart order types
  • Default order size preference Different coloring method

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The Price of the Platform and Cost of Trading.

Click the tabs below to view the platform's price of subscription or purchase, commissions rates that apply to most retail traders
and understand all the costs associated with trading different futures markets.

Pay as little as $1.00 / side when you meet our low daily average contracts requirements. Clients who meet our daily trading volume thresholds qualify for even more savings with deeply discounted commissions as low as $0.10 / Side. After you Open your Account, you must contact us at to ensure the appropriate commission tier.

    Average Daily Contracts Commissions Per Side
    0 - 20 Contracts $1.00
    21 - 100 Contracts $0.50
    101 - 500 Contracts $0.40
    501 - 1000 Contracts $0.20
    Over 1000 Contracts $0.10

Order Routing and Platform Fees.Order routing is the process of routing the order to / from exchanges to your trading platform. Order routing fees, also referred to as execution costs, are charged by the datafeed provider and is assessed on a per transaction basis.

    Datafeed Order Routing Fee
    Rithmic $0.25 per side
    CQG $0.10 - $0.25 per side*
    CTS $0.20 - $0.50 per side*
    TT $0.00 - $0.30 per side*
    eSignal $0.00 per side: NO FEE*
    QST $0.00 per side: NO FEE*
 *Varies according to FCM and trading platform  

The trading commissions you pay also depends on your margin requirements - the amount required to enter into a position per contract on an intraday basis. ITG Futures provides margins based on a percentage of the initial margin* (Example 20%) or a nominal amount (Example $500). Intraday margin (day trading margins) are determined by our clearing firms and based on many factors including market volatility, open interest, customer credit profile and the level of funding in the specific customer's account.

    Day Trading Margins Clearing Firm Commissions Per Side
   100% of Initial Margin All of FCM’s $1.00
    25% of Initial Margin All of FCM’s $1.20
    10% of Initial Margin All of FCM’s $1.50
    $50-$500 E-mini/micro Ironbeam  Contact us
 ITG Futures and/or our Clearing FCMs maintain the right to liquidate any position at any time if a margin call and/or deficit occurs. The customer would be responsible for any deficit that occurs as a result of liquidations. We will make our best efforts to contact customers to address margin call depending on the severity of the call. Accounts that are subject to margin calls may experience higher commissions due to increased risk. Specific day trading margins from select FCMs that are well below average rates may subject you to much higher fees than provided above. Contracts with relatively low liquidity may subject you to additional fees

Clearing, Exchange and NFA Regulatory fees apply to all order types regardless of your broker and platform and varies according to the markets and products you trade. Members of exchanges are entitled to discounted Exchange Execution and Clearing fees.

Exchange/Clearing & NFA Fees
Exchange Fees

Exchange fees are charged directly by the exchange to your brokerage account in return for providing market access. Exchange fees are assessed on a per transaction basis and vary depending upon the market and product being traded.

Clearing Fees

Our FCM’s, also known as a “clearing house”, facilitates the trade between buyers and sellers upon a trader’s order being executed at the exchange. The FCM’s handle all the trade execution, exchange floor, and back-office operations to ensure that the trade will be settled properly in return for a “clearing fee”, typically provided to brokers at reduced wholesale rates.

National Futures Association (NFA) Fees

The National Futures Association (NFA) is the self-regulatory body of the derivatives industry, including the exchange-based trading of futures products. The NFA requires a fee of US$.02 per side of every exchange-based futures contract traded) and is directly billed to the trader through his or her brokerage account.

A data fee is a flat fee charged by the exchange for streaming real-time market data to the trader. Data fees are charged on a periodic basis and varies depending on the type of exchange and type of trader. For example, data fees for the CME Globex are $85 monthly per-market for professional traders and $20 monthly per-market for non-professional traders.

Market Data
    Exchange Group Description Monthly Fee*
    CME Market Data Bundle - All CME Markets $20.00 (non-pro)
  CME/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
  CBOT/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
  NYMEX/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
  COMEX/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
    ICE Market Data ICE - US Exchange - TF, DX $117.00
  ICE - UK Exchange - Energies $117.00
  ICE-LIFFE Exchange - FTSE, Gilt, Short Sterling $117.00
    CFE/CBOE Data CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) $13.00 (non-pro)
    Foreign Exchange       (Non-US) EUREX | non-pro 18.00 EUR
  Osaka - Japan (JPX) 29.00 USD
  Singapore (SGX) 80.00 USD
  Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) 67.00 USD
  Euronext Equities & Index Derivative - CAC - 40  
    Cash Index Data $SP500 90.00 USD
  $DOW, ^TICK, ^TRIN, ^ADV, ^DECL, NYSE Internals, Dow Jones Indexes 6.00 USD
  NASDAQ Indexes 8.00 USD
    Misc Additional User | Multiple users/logins 10.00 USD

* Market Monthly Fees are subject to change. Please contact us to find out the latest market fees available.

All Brokers and Features Included


   Available connections

    Interactive Brokers, IQFeed, MetaStock, FXCM, OANDA, LMAX, Poloniex

   Futures, Options, Stocks, Forex  Included
   Different chart types  Included
   Chart and Mouse trading  Included
   Smart / Basic Order types  Included
   Cluster Chart  Included
   Market Profile Chart  Included
   Advanced Option Master  Included
   Market Depth (DOM)  Included
   Advanced Option Master  Included
   Market Depth (DOM)  Included
   Matrix panel  Included
   Order Flow Surface  Included
   Scalper and Matrix panels  Included
   Grid panel, FX Cell  Included
   Wide-set of technical indicators  Included
   Volume Profiles  Included
   Bar and Price Statistics  Included
   Real-time and historical Time&Sales  Included
   Professional drawing tools  Included
   Multiple Watchlist with Alerts  Included
   DDE technology  Included
   PTMC C# API  Included

Have a question about PTMC?

If you have any questions about PTMC please visit our help forum, where you can find additional information, videos and user instructions for all trading terminals offered by ITG Futures. If you can't find an answer to your question on our site, you can contact us or post a question to our help forum.

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Tech Specs

To ensure the best experience, PTMC recommends the following setup:
System Requirements
CPU Dual Core
(2.5 GHz or higher)
Quad Core
(3 GHz or higher)
RAM 4 GB 8 GB  
Free space 2 GB 4 GB  
Monitor Resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher UHD resolution 
of 3840x2160
PTMC works on Windows 7, 8, 10
Brokers & data feeds

To receive real-time data, you need a compatible data vendor subscription or an account with a compatible brokerage. 


License requirements


Trading Futures and Options on Futures involves a substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition, circumstances, and industry knowledge. You may lose all or more of your initial investment. Opinions, market data, and recommendations are subject to change at any time. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Full Risk Disclosure | Privacy Policy / Legal | GDRP Policy

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